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June 2, 2021
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Fire hydrant hose
August 6, 2021


Quality Hydrant Valves Manufacturers

Ganesh Fabrotech Pvt Limited (Ganesh) is rated as one of the prominent Indian hydrant valves manufacturers. Our continuous improvement and industry-specific products make us the best fit for our clients.

Hydrant Valves Suppliers in India

Hydrant or fire hydrant valves are fitted on wet riser or fire hydrants hose systems. These are like hooking a facet on a fire hydrant so that a firefighter can change the water flow out of the fire hydrant to stop avoidable water wastage like burst, backflow, miss shots, etc. The importance of water is next to none on a fire scene.

Therefore, quality hydrant valves manufacturers always remain in demand.

Why We are Different

Unlike other hydrant valves suppliers, our hydrant valves are made of high-quality gunmetal and brass, which you can use as part of the in-building fire hydrant systems. Hydrant valves remain in demand due to their high abrasion resistance and wide seaborne applications. Fire hydrants are also integrated with the fire-fighting systems in

  • offshore drilling rigs
  • offshore drilling vessels

We offer a range choice of products that fit most of the fire hydrants globally, especially those in France, Germany, and the UK.

All our products have international certifications and comply with international standards organization (ISO). To boost up your loyalty and confidence, we also offer customers verifications and invite for pre-shipment inspections.

What Sets us Apart

Performance with Quality

We never separate quality from performance. The most critical purpose of Ganesh is to make sure our hydrants have excellent quality with flawless performance. Therefore, we employ the precision CNC and other latest testing machinery to improve quality management and dimensional accuracy; unlike other hydrant valves suppliers.

Innovative Approach

Ganesh focuses on bringing innovative manufacturing to offer hydrants suitable for unique applications. Innovation makes our products stand out from the rest of the hydrant valves suppliers. Therefore we offer competitive prices too.

Strong Client Relationship

Ganesh believes and strives to build long-term congenial business relationships with our customers and potential buyers. We pay special attention to our clients all the time, respond effectively and quickly to our clients, and offer services tailored to particular needs. Our customer relationship is unique to other hydrant valves manufacturers in India.