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August 6, 2021
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August 6, 2021


High Quality Fire Hose Manufacturers

Ganesh Fabrotech Pvt Limited (Ganesh) is one of the experienced fire hose suppliers in India. We supply fire hoses to various industries and thus have a list of esteemed clientele. We are a dedicated fire hose manufacturer and deliver the highest quality hose products. We combine the raw materials with specialist craftsmanship.

Why Us

Fire Hose Suppliers in India

Ganesh is among the dedicated fire hose suppliers in India. We design and produce the highest quality fire hose products and amalgamate the best in raw materials with expert workmanship. Our supply and supply lines deliver at par performance in the multiple environments that firefighters encounter.

Continuous Industrial Improvement : Fire hydrant hose

We continually improve our processes and products to meet the ever-changing demands of industrial requirements. Each of our quality and flawless fire hydrant hose is designed and engineered for optimal performance in:

  • wash down,
  • industrial fire suppression,
  • construction,
  • dewatering,
  • mining,
  • military,
  • petrochemical applications

As we serve several industries, we are among the top listed fire hose manufacturers.

What Sets us Apart

  • By keeping every type of fire hydrant hose, manual hose, and automation industrial valve; we can deliver your order within the agreed time through strategically located warehouses.
  • We continuously look for ways to cut down customers’ costs. Our warehouse allows us to minimize shipping costs and transit times.
  • Through economies of scale, we go for reducing external and internal costs.
  • By having an ample amount of inventory, we enjoy substantial buying power to continuously search and procure volume purchases. All these translate into lower costs for customers.
  • You get a one-stop-shop for a full line of fire protection tools to substantiate your selection of fire hydrant hose.

Professional Client Support Team

We are dedicated to making customers’ lives safer. To grow and serve you better, we have hired a dedicated 24/7 customer support team.

Thanks to our customers and positive relationships with the buyers we have, Ganesh is growing fast. We’re uplifting capabilities and adding facilities to offer client services in a better way.

We Invest in Skills

We believe in investing in the technology and people to offer the finest service among the fire hose suppliers. Irrespective of how much we grow, we invest in our staff so that they can keep themselves up with the latest technological advancements. That’s how we work

To remain in the top tier of fire hose manufacturers we never compromise on quality. Contact us, to know more about us.