Ganesh Fabrotech Pvt Limited

Are you in search of a fire hose or industrial valve to save your facility from every kind of fire incident? If yes, then you are at the right place.
Ganesh Fabrotech Pvt Limited is a leading company that deals in hydrant hoses and manual plus automation valves. We have all the necessary resources that are needed to cater to our valued customers. Our diverse products have placed us among the top-tier hose manufacturers.

Our Diverse Offerings

hydrant valves
fire hydrant hose
• fire hose
industrial valve

We Live and Breathe Quality

Our major aim remains to offer nothing less than quality products. Our clients keep coming to us for their business requirements due to our unmatched quality hoses. We start taking orders of our clients by understanding their needs concerning their business and provide quality hose solutions.
All our hydrants or hoses are designed and manufactured in India. We have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that offers us an edge over our competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Where are you located?
We are located in Pune, India
Do you accept orders in bulk quantity?
Yes, we do. We have successfully completed and delivered bulk orders in past and continuing to do so
What is your nature protection policy?
We produce by keeping the concept of the green economy in our minds. We put in our 100% effort to protect nature as much as we can.


“Ganesh Fabrotech Private Limited is a well established company since 2005,covering all expertise in metal engineering work and manufacturing of complex job ,now we proudly announce our new product GF Fire Hydrant Valves and it’s accessories, in all safety measures and standards while manufacturing are totally of high quality. We carry all safety measures and standards while manufacturing our products. Our all products are ISI Marked License Number as follow: CM/L No. 7500207513 CM/L No. 7500212405 “


At the entrance we take Temperature checking of every employee and visitor by IR Thermometer. We have installed AUTOMATIC SANITIZER DISPENSER AT ENTRACE to Sanitize hands.

We FUMIGATE our Factory Premise 2 times a day by using Sodium Hypochlorite Solution. Also, we fumigate machineries and every new product/ Raw Material which is coming in our factory premise. We insist our employees to wash hands every after 40 minutes.



Quality control set up: We have QC Engineer Team. We generally submit QAP for Customer Approval and follow the Approved plan or otherwise we follow your standard QAP Practices.

  • Raw Material Inward record, Testing, Consumption for specified jobs & Stock with relevant Test certificates.
  • Inspection visit requisition record with date & time with the date of inspection.
  • Third Party inspection record.
  • RFT (Right First Times) over RFT percentage is above 90%.